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Our collection of African beaded animal are hand-crafted by our team of talented African Creative artisans. The beaded and wire animal collection captures the heart and spirit of Africa’s majestic wildlife.We also do customised beaded products.

Logo Mats as part of your Branding. Your advertising efforts will really go a long way with the inclusion of these custom branded mats at the entrance to your office. With these mats your customers knows it’s something that sets you apart from other realtors in town.

Ndebele people are Bantu Tribe, together with xhosa and Zulu they made the most extensive and aesthetic use of glass beads.Beaded jewellery is one of the oldest and most basic the ornamentalskills carried out in Southern Africa by rural people.mostly ,it shows the developmentof a young girl to womanhood.

Shweshwe Products

Shwseshwe is produced where by cotton fabric is fed through copper rollers which have patterns etched into them. A weak acid is fed onto the fabric, bleaching out the distinctive intricate white designs. it is a South African fabric printed in Eastern Cape.

Abstract art is often seen as carrying a moral dimension .All of our products are hand made in South Africa. We use primary colors and fill in several shapes with paint.

Metal Works

Our wire artisans are mostly from Zimbabwe. Some live in South Africa where they were attracted to more stable economy and tourism.

About Us

One Touch Of An Artist Makes The Whole World Kin

Our story is one of dedication, hard work and a continuous relationship management. These attributes have sustained us over the years of our existence in a competitive and ever changing business and technological environment.

In a changing business and technological environment, we are always looking for better ways of producing our products and pass the benefit to our customers.

We are conscious of the environment and have used energy efficient and sustainable methods in our production.

We believe in maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers, customers and employees.

All our products are hand crafted in Southern Africa from a group of artist in Africa